Property Management

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Hybrid Property Management provides efficient and transparent property management services to all our clients. With our property management service, you don’t have to worry about dealing directly with tenants. We take on the responsibility of bringing in new tenants, rent payments, handling maintenance issues, and responding to tenant complaints and concerns. Hybrid Property Management gives you peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands.

Property Types

Flex/Multi-Use Spaces: Multi-use buildings provide great flexibility to tenants. A flex or warehouse space can be used as a temporary office space, showroom, event venue, storage, and more. Hybrid Property Management will ensure that your multi-use space is properly maintained, and your tenant leases are administered properly and current.

Multi-Family: Managing a multi-family building such as an apartment complex is no easy task when there are several tenants residing in the building. As an owner of a multi-family property, you already have a list of responsibilities on your plate. Hybrid Property Management can take away some of that stress by handling and bringing in new tenants, as well as addressing tenant complaints and maintenance requests. We will ensure that all the tenants in your multi-family building are happy, while working to attract new tenants to the building to keep income steady. We offer a hybrid approach to property management, where you can collect payments from tenants and then pay our fee for service.

Leasing Types

Triple Net: Triple net leases are leases that require the tenant to handle all three ongoing expenses of the property: property taxes, building insurance, and maintenance. Hybrid Property Management specializes in commercial triple net leases, most often used for freestanding commercial buildings with a single tenant. Triple net leases allow landlords to create a steady, predictable flow of income for themselves. Initial leases are often signed for a long-term period of time.

Hybrid Property Management ensures that the tenants benefit as well, to ensure that the investment is worth it. Because the landlord doesn’t have to worry about most of the costs, rental rates are lower than a standard lease. Our team will assist you in estimating how much these ongoing costs will be and cost savings are provided to the tenant as a result.

Leasing Philosophy

There are a variety of lease types, depending on the building and use ( ex-Triple net, modified gross, full service, etc. ) Hybrid property management will ensure you have the type of leases that maximize cash flow, minimize maintenance and are market receptive.

We ensure that the tenants benefit by being informed of general maintenance and capital improvements to the property, and that their concerns are heard.

This approach encourages long-term relationships between the landlord and the tenant, allowing for efficiencies not possible in other approaches.

Long term tenant relationships, predictable outcomes for tenants, landlord references, and tenant referrals are our main goals.